Global Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day is organized internationally by the Canadian organization Adbusters. 
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By Nothing Day Denmark
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Buy Nothing Day Denmark - November 29th 2008

The international Buy Nothing Day is an alternative annual consumer day. Buy Nothing Day is the day where the consumers can stop to think about their daily over consumption. Do we really need all the stuff we buy? Are the products produced with care for people and environment? In many countries consumers and consumer activists celebrate Buy Nothing Day with actions and consumer-boycott. 

Buy Nothing Day Film

Produced for Active Consumers by Bolette Frydendahl, Charlotte B. Edmond, Gry Soerensen, Kristian Pinholt and Christian Goldbach.

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When is Buy Nothing Day?
In Canada and USA Buy Nothing Day 2008 falls on the 28th of November, the day after Thanksgiving in the USA. In Europe and most of the rest of the world Buy Nothing Day 2008 is celebrated on the 29th of November.

The beginning
The initiative for Buy Nothing Day was taken in 1992 in Canada by Ted Dave, who was working in the advertising world. By doing this he wanted to perform an act against the constant appeal to over consume, which advertisements pour out on us. Since then the idea has been adopted by increasingly more countries. More than 60 countries world-wide celebrated the day. Buy Nothing Day is organized internationally by the Canadian organization Adbusters Media Foundation.

Buy Nothing Day Denmark
In Denmark Buy Nothing Day is organized by the green consumer organisation Active Consumers (Aktive Forbrugere) that works to raise debate and reflection on the possibilities we have to create a consumption, that is socially and environmentally sustainable.

Active Consumers launch Zeppliner balloon on Buy Nothing Day 2002

Active Consumers
Active Consumers (Aktive Forbrugere) is an green consumer organisation based in Copenhagen Denmark that works to secure the consumers quality products which are produced in an environmentally responsible way. Active consumers has been engaged in many consumer and environmental issues such as health risks from the use of PVC, misleading/illegal marketing, campaigning against GMOs and pesticides in food. Web:


Buy Nothing Day 2005

Activists from Active Consumers celebrated Buy Nothing Day on November 26th 2005 with a "Santa says stop shopping" action outside Copenhagen's new shopping center Fields.
Dressed as Santa and Elves the activists handed out empty christmas gifts and flyers to the passing shoppers.

Buy Nothing Day 2003
Activist from Active Consumers offered to cut creditcards outside Magasin the oldest and most "posh"  shopping center in denmark.  

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